Auditor Says KLA Audit is CLean


John Carbonaro, President of the auditing firm that conducted KLA’s audit, states that KLA’s audit was a clean audit; not like that of the other charter school that was shut down.  The Commission CPA quit, so they had no one capable of understanding an audit. 

Proof of Commission Acting Vindictively

Please take a couple minutes to download and read at least some of the letter below. This is a formal complaint that CPA John Carbonaro wrote the Hawaii Board of Accountancy. In the letter he points out how he has never seen the kind of abuse that the commission is showing to the KLA by exaggerating minor clerical errors and trying to make them into something serious when they are not. This is a perfect example showing how the Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission  acts vindictively and without concern for the children of Hawaii. Shortly before this letter was written Commission Exective Director Sione Thompson told school leaders that three of the commission members had a great deal of animosity  towards KLA leaders. This was keeping the commission from having the best interests of the children of Ka'u in mind.

Accountant Letter Stating Commission is ignoring facts

BOA HSCPA letter from Carbonaro (pdf)