Deputy AG and Auditor Support KLA

Hawaii Attorney General's Office Supports KLA's Position

On January 16, 2018 Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Gregg Ushiroda sent a letter to the Charter Commission. In this letter he responded to misleading and false allegations and statements by the commission. In part he very strongly states: ”The Commission, however, failed to inform these same students and families that: (a) the independent auditor’s report included Ka'u Learning Academy’s response and corrective action plan; and (b) that Ka'u Learning Academy’s was following and implementing the independent auditor’s recommendations to address these “serious concerns.” This one-sided narrative put out by the Commission has only caused the spread of unfounded rumors of school closure and uncertainty in the community about the school’s future.  One can only wonder as to whether the Commission has already made its determination before Ka'u Learning Academy is afforded its statutory right to contest revocation." 

In this letter Mr. Ushiroda clearly shows his frustration with the commission's blatant attempt to withhold information from the families of KLA students and to paint KLA administration in the worst possible light.  It is clear that the commission was working toward closing the school. To help them to this nefarious goal they embarked on a concerted campaign of misinformation, lies and deceitful manipulation.